The Older ‘n’ Bolder Scrap Book

Over the past couple of weeks, the Older ‘n’ Bolder group, have been spending time making their own scrap-book pages reflecting on activities which they have undertaken here at Peterborough Women’s Centre in the Older ‘n’ Bolder sessions.

Each member decided on an activity they wanted to design for their scrap-book page.  The activities that were chosen are as follows:

The Older 'n' Bolder Group Scrap Book - Title PageTitle Page – created by yours truly and my very first scrapbook page (you can tell too, ha ha).  As it is the ‘Title Page’ I didn’t want it to be too ‘fussy’!

Older ‘n’ Bolder (content page) – created by Shirley and in dedication to Mary Rainey a founder member of Peterborough Women’s Centre who sadly passed away in February 2010. Shirley’s page talks about ‘Digital Photography’, an activity where the group learnt the basics of Using a Digital Camera, camera settings, and finally how to download pictures from their camera to their computer. The Digital Photography activity was spanned over a couple of weeks, and also covered the use of Picasa.  This is software which you can freely download from the Internet.  Picasa allows you to digitally manipulate photographs, add text, borders and even clone images!  Picasa can be downloaded by clicking here.

Bletchley Park (trip) – this page was designed and created by Jill, who decided to write about the Older ‘n’ Bolder trip to Bletchley Park, in Milton Keynes in 2010.  The trip was part funded by Peterborough Women’s Centre (through the Reaching Communities, Big Lottery Funding) and match funded by the ladies themselves.  Jill writes about some of the early computers and their importance in English History.  Colossus, Enigma, the Bombe code breaking machine, to name but a few.

Skype – this page written by one of our newest members to the Older ‘n’ Bolder group Patricia.  Pat writes about the use of Skype which allows her to talk to her friends and family in distance places.  The page also mentions a statement from Shirley on the topic of Skype.  In this, Shirley talks with excitement about how she had a tour around her daughters flat in the Netherlands whilst still sitting at her computer in Peterborough, UK.  The latest version of Skype, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Pamper Evening – this page was designed by Shirley who prominently places the entry ticket to one of Peterborough Women’s Centre fund-raising events – a Pamper Evening.  The ticket was designed and created on a computer using Microsoft Publisher.

Digital Photography – Shown below, is a selection of 3 pages which talk about this activity.  The first page designed by Shirley, introduces the subject of Digital Photography.  The second page, is one designed by Maisie, who has displayed a collage which she created using photographs of her taken using a webcam and adding clip art to the images before finally bringing all the photographs together in Picasa to create the collage.  Finally, the last page, by Shirley, displays various different embellishments added to the page to bring contrast and interest to a scrap-book page.  Shirley has also printed off a picture of herself which was taken by Sophie White of White-Hall Photography, at one of the pamper evenings held at Peterborough Women’s Centre.


Scrap Booking – the last page in our scrap-book is again designed by Shirley, who if you’ve not already guessed by now has fully taken on board the ‘Art of Scrap Booking’.  Shirley has printed of one of the blog posts from this site and used it as the main part of her scrap-book page.  Shirley adds embellishments and ribbon to make the page more pleasing to the eye.

Thanks to all the ladies of the Older ‘n’ Bolder group, who helped in creating the ‘Group’ scrap book page.  We will be purchasing some scrapbook sleeves and binding it all together and storing it away safely.  I certainly had fun and enjoyed sharing and listening to other members experiences of creating their pages along with receiving guidance on designs from all group members.

Thank You

END NOTE:  If you have enjoyed reading through this article and are interested in joining the Older ‘n’ Bolder group or receiving training on any aspect of IT/Computers from Beginners to Advanced, please contact Karen Toon, the ICT Co-ordinator at Peterborough Women’s Centre on 01733 311564 or 311568.


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